About The Artist

Aaron Sencil

Aaron Sencil is a multi-talented artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a diverse multicultural heritage including Polynesian blood, he heavily promotes culture and unity.

Aaron competed in the first Tahiti Fete of San Jose in 1991, and has been attending ever since which considered as part of his growing up.

He is a an accomplished Tahitian drummer, costume designer, choreographer, and graphic designer.

When he was 16 years old, he became the director for “Hui Tama Nui”, where the group won numerous awards including traditional and contemporary categories, and several overall championships at various Tahitian dance competitions.

His magic of storytelling has created many memorable moments on stage. Off Tahiti Fete stage, the group was featured in several productions of the prestigious San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival where he eventually became a production designer for the festival which brought Tahitian culture and performing arts to a whole new audience.

Today, Aaron is more focused on serving his community, while sharing his creativity and knowledge to local Polynesian dance companies.

He is most known for his elaborate holiday display known as “The Gingy House” (A life-sized gingerbread house that brings in thousands of visitors every holiday season). He is now the CEO of his own non-profit organization “VNA Creatives, Inc.” that brings creative art projects into the community, as well as serving as Vice Chair as an Arts Commissioner where he lives.

For this year’s artwork, Aaron created imagery that brings back the happiness, light, and beauty of Tahiti in a time after we’ve been in darkness the past few years due to the pandemic.

His creation of giant tropical flowers made from household materials have all been hand painted and crafted that will dress the stage. Inspired by vintage travel ads, documentaries, photos, and record albums, it expresses the joy of the classic “tamure” scene.

The fantasy-like picturesque paintings invite your mind to travel to the natural beauty of Tahiti, a very different place compared to where most of us live.

Aaron would like to thank Auntie Pua and Heidi, for this amazing opportunity, a lifelong relationship, and for bringing the beloved Tahiti Fete of San Jose back into our lives again.